Exclusive Peer Protocol Airdrop: Coinbase-Backed and Binance-Incubated Waitlist Event

Airdrop Bunker
2 min readSep 23


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world have long been captivated by the allure of discovering the next big digital asset before it officially hits the market. The world of crypto is a dynamic and fast-paced arena, with new projects constantly emerging, each offering unique features and potential for growth. To cater to this fervent interest, crypto projects have devised a smart way to engage with their community even before launch — the cryptocurrency waitlist.

Peer Protocol is a Product of PIP that is funded by Coinbase and Incubated By Binance so don’t miss this Waitlist.

A global money app for everyone

Experience a revolutionary mobile payments where you can effortlessly send and receive money worldwide, instantly and without any fees.

Peer Protocol — 📧 on the top right area find Join Waitlist and type your Email And Verify


📌 Join the Telgram here: Airdrop Bunker

👉 Official links: Peer Money Website | Peer Money Twitter

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