Unlock a $1.25 Million Airdrop Pool: Plena Finance’s Airdrop Bunker

Airdrop Bunker
4 min readSep 3


Calling all crypto enthusiasts and blockchain aficionados! Plena Finance is here with an electrifying opportunity that requires zero investment but offers the potential to reap huge rewards. In the cryptocurrency world, opportunities like these are rare, so fasten your seatbelts and get ready to dive into the exciting world of Plena Finance’s Airdrop Bunker.

Step 1: Kush ho jao

Before we dive into the details, take a moment to get comfortable because we’re about to unveil a fantastic opportunity that can help you accumulate rewards without spending a dime.

Step 2: Install Plena Wallet on Your Device

Start by installing the Plena Wallet on your preferred device. You can download the wallet from here.

Step 3: Create Your Wallet

Follow the step-by-step video demonstration to create your Plena Wallet. This wallet will be your gateway to the rewards awaiting you in the Airdrop Bunker.

Step 4: Set Up Your PNS Username and PIN Code

Ensure your wallet’s security by setting up a Personal Naming Service (PNS) username and a secure PIN code.

Step 5: Enter Referral Code

Here’s a little bonus for you! Enter referral code 16A4E881387 during signup to instantly receive 50 bonus points worth $0.50 in Plena tokens.

Step 6: Backup Your Mnemonic Code

Your mnemonic code is your lifeline in the crypto world. Make sure to back it up securely; losing it could mean losing access to your assets.

Step 7: Change Wallet Network to Polygon

To participate in the Airdrop Bunker, you’ll need to switch your wallet’s network to Polygon. This step is crucial for seamless interaction with the platform.

Step 8: Solve the Quiz and Receive

Click on “Receive” and solve the quiz presented to you. This is your initiation into the Airdrop Bunker.

Step 9: Send 0.10 Matic to Your Plena Wallet

To activate your wallet, send 0.10 Matic from your Metamask or other wallets to your Plena Wallet.

Step 10: Swap Matic to USDT

Now, it’s time to take a little detour. Click on “Swap” and exchange your Matic for USDT on the Polygon network. There’s no minimum amount limit, so swap away!

Step 11: Activate Your Wallet for the $1M Pool Airdrop

After completing the swap, your wallet will be activated for the $1 million pool airdrop. As a bonus, you will receive 50 points immediately, which are currently worth $0.50 (later 10%).

Step 12: Special System for Limited Funds

Don’t worry if you have limited funds in Matic; a separate system is in the works to help you send some Matic to your Plena wallet and activate your account, earning you 50 valuable points.

Step 13: Invite Your Friends

The Airdrop Bunker’s entire $1 million pool is driven by referrals. Invite your friends to join in on the action.

Step 14: Referral Rewards

For every friend you invite, you’ll receive 50 points when they make a transaction. Your network could be your ticket to massive rewards.

Step 15: Try the Transaction Trick

Here’s a neat trick: send a small amount of Matic (e.g., 0.001) to your friends’ Plena wallets to potentially activate their wallets. Both of you will receive 50 points. Alternatively, you can opt for a guaranteed airdrop by conducting a swap, which will earn you $0.50 worth of Plena, covering gas fees and any initial investment.

Step 16: Paid Side Campaign

Now, let’s venture into the exciting world of the Paid Side Campaign, offering rewards of up to 5000 USDT in cash and 250,000 Plena Tokens. If you complete 100 swaps, you’ll also qualify for the Bonus Lottery.

Step 17: Visit Interact Quest

To participate in the Paid Campaign, visit Interact Quest.

Step 18: Sign In and Connect Plena

Sign in on the top right and connect your Plena Wallet.

Step 19: Scan the Barcode

Use your Plena Wallet to scan the provided barcode, establishing a connection.

Step 20: Connect Your Twitter and Verify

Complete the required verification tasks as shown in the video, including linking your Twitter account.

Step 21: Leaderboard Updates

Your wallet is now linked on Interact, and all transactions made through your Plena Wallet will be updated on the Interact leaderboard daily for the paid campaign. You can Look At the Leaderboard Here

Step 22: Embrace Your Options

Congratulations! You now have two avenues to explore: a free method with access to a $1 million pool and a paid method for those looking to maximize their rewards.

Step 23: Join the Community

Don’t forget to join our discussion and doubt-solving group at https://t.me/airdropbunkerofficial for updates, tips, and a thriving community of like-minded individuals.

With Plena Finance’s Airdrop Bunker, you have the chance to make your crypto journey more exciting and rewarding than ever before. Whether you choose the free or paid path, the possibilities are endless. So, go ahead, take those steps, and unlock the treasure chest of rewards waiting for you in the world of Plena Finance. Happy earning!