Unlock Waitlist Airdrops: Join These 5 New Waitlists for a Chance to Earn $100 to $1000!

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3 min readSep 25


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world have long been captivated by the allure of discovering the next big digital asset before it officially hits the market. The world of crypto is a dynamic and fast-paced arena, with new projects constantly emerging, each offering unique features and potential for growth. To cater to this fervent interest, crypto projects have devised a smart way to engage with their community even before launch — the cryptocurrency waitlist.

Participating in a cryptocurrency waitlist isn’t just a casual interest; it’s a commitment, an investment of time, and sometimes even a token of faith. In return, it often brings a slew of advantages such as early access, token airdrops, and special pricing. Here’s a look at some exciting cryptocurrency projects that have set up their own waitlists and the steps to join them.

  1. Zerion — 🦊 Connect your wallet, enter your email, and other required fields.

Zerion’s waitlist is tailored for those who want to explore the crypto world from a more informed perspective.

2. Syndr — 🦊 Same as above — connect your wallet, and enter your email.

Syndr’s waitlist opens the door to potential benefits for early adopters, and it all starts with a simple wallet connection.

3. 3DNS — 🦊 Simply connect your wallet.

For the security-conscious, 3DNS offers a straightforward wallet connection to secure your spot on their waitlist.

4. Velo Data — 📝 Register with your email and password, and verify your email address.

Velo Data values your security and ensures a seamless registration process, setting the stage for exciting developments.

5. Porfo — 📧 Enter your email address and write your wallet address.

Porfo is looking to build a strong community, and joining their waitlist is the first step towards being a part of it.

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