Unlocking the ZetaChain ($ZETA) Airdrop: Your Guide to Joining the Revolution

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4 min readAug 29


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, airdrops have emerged as an exciting way to get your hands on tokens for free. It’s not just about the tokens, though — it’s also an opportunity to explore new platforms and decentralized applications (dApps). One such intriguing project that’s shaking up the space is ZetaChain ($ZETA). In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to potentially earn ZETA tokens through their airdrop while experiencing the power of cross-chain interoperability.

ZetaChain: A Glimpse into the Future

ZetaChain is rewriting the rulebook of blockchain with its innovative approach. It stands as the world’s very first decentralized Layer 1 (L1) blockchain with an integrated cross-chain interoperability feature. This means that it can seamlessly connect various blockchains, including even non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. The promise of true interconnectivity across different blockchains is at the heart of ZetaChain’s mission.

Airdrop Opportunity with ZetaChain

ZetaChain is making waves with its Incentivized Testnet — a space for platform testers and potential airdrop recipients to dive into the Zeta experience. Here’s how you can potentially grab your share of ZETA tokens:

  1. Join the ZetaLabs Testnet: https://labs.zetachain.com/leaderboard?code=1uhYsl0GhI0MZbv8icDus Use an invite link to sign up for the ZetaLabs testnet. The bonus? Both you and the inviter score a cool 5,000 ZETA Points each!
  2. Log In with Twitter: Seamlessly log in to the ZetaChain Testnet using your Twitter account credentials.
  3. MetaMask Integration: Connect your MetaMask wallet to ensure smooth operations within the Zeta ecosystem.
  4. Claim ZETA Tokens: Head to the “Get ZETA” tab and request your ZETA tokens. Remember, patience is key — it might take a moment for the tokens to arrive.
  5. ZETA Faucet: If the tokens are being a bit shy, there’s a solution. Hop onto ZetaChain’s Discord, find the “zeta-faucet” channel, and type: zeta faucet drip "your address here".
  6. Dive into Details: Explore the “Details” section to get a complete overview of network and token specifics.

Putting the Magic in Motion

  1. Add Testnets to Your Wallet: Integrate available testnets (Goerli, BSC Testnet, Polygon Mumbai, Klaytn Baobab) into your wallet.
  2. Faucet Faucet: Click on the faucet links daily to request test tokens — keeping the crypto flowing is your goal!
  1. Embrace Cross-Chain Swaps: Head over to the “Swap” tab and start moving assets between various testnet chains. Witness the remarkable cross-chain interoperability in action.

Supercharge Your Airdrop Gains

  • Refer Friends: Use your Invite Link found on the ZetaLabs’ “Earn ZETA Points” page. Share it on Twitter or manually copy it. With each referral, you pocket 5,000 ZETA Points. What’s more? For every weekly transaction your referrals make, you earn an extra 1,750 points.
  • ZetaChain Guild Tasks: Delve into the Guild tasks on ZetaChain and earn your esteemed ZetaChain role on Discord.
  • Galxe Campaign: Once you’ve secured your Discord roles through the Guild, dive into the Galxe Campaign and mint NFTs.
  • Complete Crew3 Tasks: Channel your inner adventurer and complete quests to unlock rewarding experiences.
  • Bitcoin Testnet Play: Ready to level up? Download XDEFI Wallet from the Chrome Store. Get testnet Bitcoin, swap like a pro on ZetaChain, and take the thrill up a notch.


The ZetaChain ($ZETA) airdrop is not just about tokens; it’s about exploring new horizons in the blockchain space. Swap on the ZetaLabs testnet, share your referral link, conquer Guild tasks — and witness the future of cross-chain interoperability firsthand. Remember, this guide is not financial advice — always conduct thorough research before making decisions. As you journey through the Zeta experience, don’t forget to check out the latest crypto-themed merchandise and stay tuned for more exciting updates!